Barton’s History

The College is named for Barton Warren Stone, a founder of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). In addition to Stone’s early ministry in eastern North Carolina, he also had roots in private higher education in this state.

Born in Maryland and reared in Virginia, Stone used his modest inheritance to attend Caldwell Academy in Greensboro in the late 1700s. He then began a career in law but later took up teaching before his lifelong religious evolution carried him to the frontiers of Kentucky. There, he led a religious movement, which eventually merged with another led by Thomas Campbell in 1832 to form the denomination that, 70 years later, established the College.

In September 1902 Barton College, under its former name of Atlantic Christian College, was incorporated by the State of North Carolina and opened with a capacity enrollment of 107. On September 6, 1990, the College changed its name to Barton College.

Barton’s Vision

Barton College takes advantage of its smaller size and its historic commitment to students to create a unique undergraduate experience centered on a passionate belief in a community of active learners.  Barton graduates will be well-prepared for life and for success in their chosen careers because they will possess a lifelong commitment to learning, service, and achievement.  We will gain national recognition for the value of the Barton experience.

Barton’s Mission

Barton College is committed to providing programs and opportunities to encourage the intellectual, spiritual, social, and cultural development of its students and to challenge them for future leadership and service to their local and global communities.